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Thursday, January 22, 2009


Okay.....so for those of you who know me Best, know that Rascal Flatts is my all time favorite music group. If it has to do with them I know it. So If you don't know they have a new album coming out in April called Unstoppable. The countdown is on my sidebar and if you would like to hear their new Single just listen close, it is so good!

So yes I love them. I knew I had always liked their music but I went to their first Little Rock concert with my dad, and we had I think the last seats available because you could barely see the stage, but the concert was awesome. So the bad seats had made an impression on me, and I wanted to go to another concert to get better seats! so I joined their fan club because you get offers to have great seats at concerts. This really started my whole Rascal Flatts obsession.

Next thing I know my friend Megin and I are on our Way to Louisville, KY to see Rascal Flatts, with Eleventh row seats, for the Me and My Gang Tour. It was so much fun, and I was so excited to be there and be so close!! I mean you could see them, they were just right there! Ha!

So that concert was so good, that I Talked my friend Sarah into going to Memphis with me that next year to see them again, but this time we we're in the 8th Row! the concert was so good, even better than Louisville. SO then I made a promise to my Dad that if they came back to LR, I would take him, and we would have way better seats. So... they did. They came here last year for their Still Feels Good Tour, and My dad and I had 4th Row seats!! I know can you imagine my dad on the 4th row for Kelly Pickler and Rascal Flatts! However, he loved it. He was just singing away! I am so glad that I got to share that experience with him, it is one I will never forget!

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Mika Nichole Hooper said...

You guys are way too cool. So great to get that kind of time with your dad! Can't wait to see you again. Oh, Eden got her first tooth today..:) Mika