Spring Blog

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Looks Like I have a whole year to Explain

Apparently blogging is not a strong point, in my list of talents. However, I have been keeping up with a few friends blogs and realized that it is a good way to keep up, and let you thoughts out. So ill start my first attempt at re-blogging with a brief update on our lives.

Let's See...I am finally in my last year of pharmacy school. YAY!!! UAMS has been fair to me but May 21, 2011 I will finally be out of there. Then I get to start this awesome career that I am so ready to make a difference in! Carl is still a little rock police officer but he has other big plans for the future, so be watching out for that. We have been married 3 1/2 years and couldn't be happier. Still have Scooby-Doo he is the best dog ever, and my husbands running buddy. He tolerates me, but only because he has too :)

Our family's are good, big news in my family is that my brother will be getting married on March 19, 2011. He is marrying the girl of his dreams, and turns out I like her too ;) Her name is Kim, she has played softball with me for years, and finally asked one day if my brother was dating anyone, now at the time that was an understatement, but I got them together to go out to eat with us, and the rest is history. So Congrats Josh and Kim!

Currently I am in Jonesboro, which is sort of why I decided to write this because I have nothing better to do. Many people don't know that the last year of pharmacy school is 9 months of rotations. We spend each month doing various jobs in pharmacy to prepare ourselves for the real world. I am in Jonesboro working at the AHEC family clinic. It has been an eye opening experience, but I am thankful for every opportunity I have. Sadly tho, it required me to be away from my husband and puppy dog, plus everyone else. We have an apartment, and the place is okay but everyone know there is no place like home. I never thought I could be so lonely and miss my husband so much, but I am only a few days away from the finish line ( 5 to be exact!)

This weekend I asked a few girlfriends to come up and spend the weekend. We started out by going out to eat at O'Charlies Friday night, it was great. We finished the night off by teaching our friend Lindley to play Nert's, it was so much fun. Then Saturday we had a healthy breakfast of Grands Cinnamon rolls, then headed out to shop till we drop. We hit a french boutique, Fizzoli's, The Hobby Lobby, and then the Mall. Saturday night we hit Chilli's for supper, then played scatagories and Nertz way into the wee hours of the morning. We had a few drinks to help the evening along, but it was a blast. Everyone left on Sunday so before they headed out we went to cracker barrel for pancakes MMMM! Thanks ladies for making my weekend great.

Okay I think that is enough for now, I will be back soon. I am going to write this on my to do list, because I want to make this a current event in my life.