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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Really? Another Year?

So obviously I am not good at keeping up with this blog. I think the main reason I haven't is because I guess I felt like I didn't really have any thing to talk about. But now... I have graduated finally from pharmacy school and we are starting a whole new set of adventures so I think it's about time to get serious about this blog. I have  much to tell, so I have plenty to get me started including a new house (or old house made new), Scooby-Doo has cancer, we have a new puppy, and in the near future I hope to be blogging about a new baby. We aren't trying yet, so don't get to excited but it is definitively in our very near future. So stay tuned for some updating. 

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Looks Like I have a whole year to Explain

Apparently blogging is not a strong point, in my list of talents. However, I have been keeping up with a few friends blogs and realized that it is a good way to keep up, and let you thoughts out. So ill start my first attempt at re-blogging with a brief update on our lives.

Let's See...I am finally in my last year of pharmacy school. YAY!!! UAMS has been fair to me but May 21, 2011 I will finally be out of there. Then I get to start this awesome career that I am so ready to make a difference in! Carl is still a little rock police officer but he has other big plans for the future, so be watching out for that. We have been married 3 1/2 years and couldn't be happier. Still have Scooby-Doo he is the best dog ever, and my husbands running buddy. He tolerates me, but only because he has too :)

Our family's are good, big news in my family is that my brother will be getting married on March 19, 2011. He is marrying the girl of his dreams, and turns out I like her too ;) Her name is Kim, she has played softball with me for years, and finally asked one day if my brother was dating anyone, now at the time that was an understatement, but I got them together to go out to eat with us, and the rest is history. So Congrats Josh and Kim!

Currently I am in Jonesboro, which is sort of why I decided to write this because I have nothing better to do. Many people don't know that the last year of pharmacy school is 9 months of rotations. We spend each month doing various jobs in pharmacy to prepare ourselves for the real world. I am in Jonesboro working at the AHEC family clinic. It has been an eye opening experience, but I am thankful for every opportunity I have. Sadly tho, it required me to be away from my husband and puppy dog, plus everyone else. We have an apartment, and the place is okay but everyone know there is no place like home. I never thought I could be so lonely and miss my husband so much, but I am only a few days away from the finish line ( 5 to be exact!)

This weekend I asked a few girlfriends to come up and spend the weekend. We started out by going out to eat at O'Charlies Friday night, it was great. We finished the night off by teaching our friend Lindley to play Nert's, it was so much fun. Then Saturday we had a healthy breakfast of Grands Cinnamon rolls, then headed out to shop till we drop. We hit a french boutique, Fizzoli's, The Hobby Lobby, and then the Mall. Saturday night we hit Chilli's for supper, then played scatagories and Nertz way into the wee hours of the morning. We had a few drinks to help the evening along, but it was a blast. Everyone left on Sunday so before they headed out we went to cracker barrel for pancakes MMMM! Thanks ladies for making my weekend great.

Okay I think that is enough for now, I will be back soon. I am going to write this on my to do list, because I want to make this a current event in my life.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

What's New With US

Well I know i haven't been here in awhile but Life is still so Crazy! I am finished with my 2nd year of Pharmacy School, FINALLY! So I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. SO our plans for the summer is to just work, play some softball and spend as much time as possible at the lake. Lately we have been spending a lot of time with family with all the holidays and birthday's going on, so there is not much to post today but I will keep this thing going this summer. Hope Everyone has a Great Memorial day!

Carl and I on Mother's Day 2009

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Here's my 25

Okay, I have been tagged like 20 times on facebook with this 25 Random things so I decided I needed to post something here so I thought this would be a perfect subject. so Here ya go!

1. I love softball, I would play it everyday, all day if it paid well, and I could do it

2. I am a cat person, and I miss everyday my Lil'Chinaman, and I really wish My husband would let me have another one.

3. My husband is my best friend, and has been for the Last almost 9 years, for which 1 1/2 of those we were married.

4. I am a Daddy's girl hands down!! No Questions asked. and don't worry my mom knows it.

5. I am not sure I would go to Pharmacy school, if I wasn't already there.

6. I am addicted to the T.V. shows Secret life of an American teenager, Real Housewives of Orange county, and any show that remotely has to do with forensic files.

7. I have been to more than half of the untied states, including Wisconsin ( don't ask)

8. I am obsessed with having a clean kitchen, after a few microbiology classes you would understand.

9. I drink way to much sweat tea, I think I keep Doc Java in business at UAMS

10. I have wanted a Tahoe since I was 16 and still don't have, but you just wait on May 2011, I will be driving one, Bodiddle already knows.

11. I use the same towel for my hair all week!

12. I still sleep with my teddy bear, yes I am 27 and married and Teddy will always be there.

13. I have family in Mena and Hatfield, AR that I wish I could see more, because they are the craziest people I know!! I enjoyed my visit with them and can't wait to go back!

14. I love my Labrador Scooby-doo!! Even though he technically isn't mine, his true loyalty lies with my husband.

15. I am a huge Rascal Flatts fan, I even drove to Louisville, KY to see them in concert.

16. I would elope if I had to do the whole wedding thing over again.

17. I love my wedding rings, all three of them! I love the sparkleness!!

18. Thunderstorms, and Tornadoes scare me to death, I would live in a storm shelter if Carl would agree.

19. Flying is not one of my favorite hobbies, but if forced I will do it.

20. I would drive around with top down on my jeep all year round if I wouldn't get wet!

21. I enjoy sitting next to Megan in class everyday because she makes my day interesting and fun! Plus she's a champ!

22. Plus she talks all the time, as a matter of fact she is talking now!

23. 4th Grade was my least favorite year in school, any questions about that You can just ask Sarah Wallace, she can explain!!

24. Very sad to say I only have one Grandparent left, Pop and he is the BEST!

25. I have about 7 pairs of tennis shoes, and about 25 pairs of flip flops, which I would also wear around the clock! I love flip flops.

Okay that was harder than it looked, but it was fun!! Until next time!

Thursday, January 22, 2009


Okay.....so for those of you who know me Best, know that Rascal Flatts is my all time favorite music group. If it has to do with them I know it. So If you don't know they have a new album coming out in April called Unstoppable. The countdown is on my sidebar and if you would like to hear their new Single just listen close, it is so good!

So yes I love them. I knew I had always liked their music but I went to their first Little Rock concert with my dad, and we had I think the last seats available because you could barely see the stage, but the concert was awesome. So the bad seats had made an impression on me, and I wanted to go to another concert to get better seats! so I joined their fan club because you get offers to have great seats at concerts. This really started my whole Rascal Flatts obsession.

Next thing I know my friend Megin and I are on our Way to Louisville, KY to see Rascal Flatts, with Eleventh row seats, for the Me and My Gang Tour. It was so much fun, and I was so excited to be there and be so close!! I mean you could see them, they were just right there! Ha!

So that concert was so good, that I Talked my friend Sarah into going to Memphis with me that next year to see them again, but this time we we're in the 8th Row! the concert was so good, even better than Louisville. SO then I made a promise to my Dad that if they came back to LR, I would take him, and we would have way better seats. So... they did. They came here last year for their Still Feels Good Tour, and My dad and I had 4th Row seats!! I know can you imagine my dad on the 4th row for Kelly Pickler and Rascal Flatts! However, he loved it. He was just singing away! I am so glad that I got to share that experience with him, it is one I will never forget!

Saturday, January 17, 2009


Collin, Me, Brynna, and Megin at Chenal Country Club

So Apparently UAMS COP thinks that its Students need to learn about How to eat on Job interviews. So hence the Announce below

The Dinner was dreaded by I think just about everyone, not only because it required Business Dress but mainly because we had our first Therapeutics's Recitation the next day, and the 12 degree temperature outside did not help. It turns out however that it wasn't that bad. I learned a whole lot of things I never thought I would need to know. For instance, did you know that there is a certain way to eat your soup? or that if you don't want the waiter to take your plate that you cross the silverware, oh sorry Flatware, a certain way on your plate, as to not look hostile towards the other guests? Very Important stuff. I also learned that 5 Star Restaurants consider a piece of lettuce with some dressing on a salad, I had to cut my one piece of lettuce to eat it! There is also way to many glasses and Flatware for one table at one time! I have to say it was a learning experience and that I am glad I got to be apart of it. I will post some pictures from the dinner as soon as I can. SO remember if anyone wants some advice on how to eat proper, let me know, I can definitely help you out!

Megan and I

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Let's Catch Up

Okay, I realize it has been quiet awhile since I even looked at this thing, but I am going to make an effort to keep this going! Man I can't believe that Christmas and New Years has already gone and here we are almost half way through Jan. 2009! That 2009 is a scary year because that means that Carl and I have our 10 year High School Reunion this year, YIKES!

So let's see what has happened this past year....Well for short Carl and I have been married almost a year and half , & I am loving every minute of it. He is still with LRPD, and does some heavy equipment hauling on the side. I finished my first year and 1st semester of my 2nd year of pharmacy school at UAMS. I am looking so forward to being done with that, I takes up so much of my time! No kids yet just our Scooby Doo. Here is a few pictures of our Handsome Man

Thanksgiving and Christmas were good this year, we spent most of our time around here with family but did manage to make it down to Hope to see my "POP" a few times. He is a very special man, and I love spending time with him. Here are a few Pictures from Christmas

That kitty is a special addition to the Hastings Family his name is Snuffy and He was a Sort of Replacement for Our Siamese Sweetie Kasey and our Big Booty Judy KD we lost last year, even though there will never be another Little Chinaman or KD, Snuffy is an Adventure. He has so playful and loving, my parents saved him from Little Rock Animal Services just in time. My family wasn't sure about getting another because we loved my Little Man so much, but Snuffy found us and I believe there is a little piece of all of our past Cats in him.
Well that's About all I think, as far as 2009 goes I think Its gonna be a good year, if school doesn't stress me out to much. I am looking forward to keeping everyone posted so until the next one Happy New Year and God Bless!