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Saturday, January 17, 2009


Collin, Me, Brynna, and Megin at Chenal Country Club

So Apparently UAMS COP thinks that its Students need to learn about How to eat on Job interviews. So hence the Announce below

The Dinner was dreaded by I think just about everyone, not only because it required Business Dress but mainly because we had our first Therapeutics's Recitation the next day, and the 12 degree temperature outside did not help. It turns out however that it wasn't that bad. I learned a whole lot of things I never thought I would need to know. For instance, did you know that there is a certain way to eat your soup? or that if you don't want the waiter to take your plate that you cross the silverware, oh sorry Flatware, a certain way on your plate, as to not look hostile towards the other guests? Very Important stuff. I also learned that 5 Star Restaurants consider a piece of lettuce with some dressing on a salad, I had to cut my one piece of lettuce to eat it! There is also way to many glasses and Flatware for one table at one time! I have to say it was a learning experience and that I am glad I got to be apart of it. I will post some pictures from the dinner as soon as I can. SO remember if anyone wants some advice on how to eat proper, let me know, I can definitely help you out!

Megan and I

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