Spring Blog

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Just Getting Started

Hello All,

Some people have asked if Carl and I had a BlogSpot... so I guess now I can say we do.

For those of you who haven't been in touch for awhile, Here is what's new with us.

Carl and I got married almost a year and half ago on May 19, 2007. ( yes I know finally, after 8 years of dating, huh!) Since then life has been crazy. He is works for LRPD as a patroleman, and I am once again a full time student. I decided to go to Pharmacy school, got accepted and now my life revolves around studying! We are trying to build a house, but keep running into problems, but we're getting there. No kids yet, remeber the whole pharmacy school thing, but we have scooby-doo our black lab, who is enough kid for the both of us. That's all for now but after my test on friday I plan on making this page fun. Hope ya'll have a great Thursday!